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Design Mill Releases 4D Game at Intel Developer Forum

Design Mill, Inc., a leading systems integrator, was chosen by Intel to showcase application of the Intel RealSense3D R200 camera with a dynamic terrain generation game called Tanked! This project will be unveiled and demonstrated at annual Intel Developer Forum(IDF) on August 18-20, 2015 at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco, California.

Tanked!, an arcade-style one-on-one tank battle game developed using Unity 3D and built on the foundation of Intel RealSense SDK Documentation combines a custom built sand table, the Intel RealSense 3D R200 and a projector to create a game in which players can manipulate the landscape of their map with the touch of their hand. The players begin by building a virtual environment using real world sand as a haptic input device. Scripts written in C# find depths and smooth layers while a calibration utility calculates the height of the area to display based on the selected width and the aspect ratio of the R200. The calibration settings determine the depth points that will be utilized in the actual game. Once the terrain is modified a virtual tank is dropped into the environment for each player and the game begins. The players maneuver their tanks across the dynamically generated terrain using valleys and mountains to their advantage changing their own cannon’s trajectory as well as dodging opponents’ artillery.

A mid-game mine sweep provides an additional sensory element. Faced with a warning of incoming mines, the tanks stop battling while virtual mines are placed at random points where the R200 RealSense has determined the depth of the sand is sufficient. Players must dig into the sand table in search of the mines to deactivate them before time runs out. Failure to deactivate the mines results in damage to the tank reducing mobility when normal play resumes. Play continues until a tank is hit enough times to destroy it ending the game. Repeat play is uniquely based on the dynamic terrain players create each time using the sand and the readings from the Intel RealSense 3D R200 depth camera.

The Intel Developer Zoneand support from the Intel RealSense team, in conjunction with the strong community and support for the Unity 3D gaming engine, provided the additional tools and resources to develop Tanked! Modern game development is a realization of advanced programming and coding coming together to create progressive visualization experiences. A new wave of gaming involves developing additional sensory integration of haptic elements into high tech virtual environments in a way that heightens the gaming experience through use of multiple human senses. “We’re seeing an evolution of gaming into a completely immersive space,” says Nathan Greiner, Design Mill CEO, “These games are more than just a zone out medium – we’re creating tools to allow you zone-in to a mixed reality environment.”

Dynamic Environment Creator framework built utilizing the RealSense 3D R200 depth camera opens up a new world of possibilities in the various digital environments that can be created. This applies not only to gaming and entertainment industries, but also education, elevating learning with interactive experiences. Design Mill has also developed a similar application for the Department of Defense allowing military use for planning and visualization of battlefields.

Design Mill plans to continue to develop integration of the RealSense technology producing interactive experiences for multiple industries. For more info and a demo visit Design Mill on the exhibition floor at IDF 15 August 18-20, 2015 or contact Design Mill directly at


Design Mill, Inc. is a strategic systems integrator delivering pioneering solutions for industry leading organizations and the Department of Defense to transform integration of cutting edge interactive hardware and software through innovative design, development, and processes. Focusing on next-generation initiatives for virtual reality and augmented reality, Design Mill enables clients to unlock revolutionary customer engagement approaches and untapped growth strategies to generate synergies for a new level of success.