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DUBUQUE, IA, Dec. 2, 2020 - DMI, LLC, a digital transformation company, today announces the release of a remote monitoring solution package on their Precision Reality™ digital twin platform, featuring the latest in laser scanning technology, the Leica BLK247.  This offering expands Precision Reality’s robust ecosystem of hardware and software integrations for IoT, 3D visualization, and analytics.

Innovative Training Simulator for an Agricultural Sprayer Takes Top Honors in a Field of Eight Intel® Software Innovator Teams An ingenious virtual reality application for farming—a VR simulator to train agricultural sprayer operators—earned Team Crop Dusters top honors in the Ultimate Coder IV: VR Challenge, an invitational competition cosponsored by Intel and Microsoft*. Eight finalist teams consisting of Intel® Software Innovators competed to create the most compelling commercial VR applications, ultimately placing their project in the Microsoft Store – all in eight weeks. Throughout the competition, teams posted their progress on Developer Mesh, an online community where developers share projects, collaborate with others and find and follow world-class innovators. 

Design Mill, Inc. has been awarded the Top Innovator of 2016 from Intel® Software Innovator program. Design Mill President Nathan Greiner and Interactive Software Developer Alex Schuster received the award while attending the Intel Innovators Summit in Seattle on November 16. The award was presented for further work on the Torch™ Interpretive Projector; specifically the continued focus on augmented reality gaming and restaurant solutions. The Torch™ Interpretive Projector has been demonstrated at numerous events this past year (GDC, AWE, SxSW, CES, and more) and has captured the interest of many fellow developers, businesses, and the press gaining it the top spot among Intel’s innovators. Motherboard Vice featured an article on the Torch™ arcade gaming capabilities in May 2016. Combining a projector, the Intel® RealSense™ R200 depth sensing camera and Intel® Nuc with sensors, gateways, games, point of sale software, and payment methods has created efficient and engaging solutions for both customer and business operations alike. This is the second consecutive award for Design Mill; they were also awarded the Top Innovator in 2015. CEO Nathan Greiner says, “Being a part of the Intel Innovator Program is an excellent way for us to incubate some really cutting-edge ideas and present them to the world with the help of Intel. It’s an honor to take the top award again this year and we look forward to continued success in the program.” Read more about the Intel Top Innovators of 2016 here: Learn more about The Torch™ Interpretive Projector here: ### Design Mill, Inc. is a strategic systems integrator delivering pioneering solutions for industry leading organizations and the Department of Defense to transform integration of cutting edge interactive hardware and software through innovative design, development, and processes.  Focusing on next-generation initiatives for virtual reality and augmented reality, Design Mill enables clients to unlock revolutionary customer engagement approaches and untapped growth strategies to