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Precision Reality

Electric Utilities

Through a combination of software, hardware, and services leveraging the latest emerging technologies the Precision Reality™ platform delivers integrated asset intelligence solutions. Manage projects and asset portfolios, collect data and analytics, and visualize solutions to make decisions faster.

Precision Reality software is designed to ingest and store project and portfolio data as part of a streamlined management platform. The management modules includes tools to add complete documentation to your assets, assign projects at specific locations and communication progress with stakeholders in real-time. Accessible from laptop, tablet or mobile devices.

View sites, buildings, and assets in detail with floorplans, point clouds, 3D models, and virtual reality. Precision Reality uses laser scanning to create digital twin environments with true dimensions for situational awareness, record-keeping, collaboration, training, and as the visual foundation for layers of IoT data.

The core of Precision Reality is providing IoT hardware, software, and services that automate the collection of site and asset data and transform it into actionable intelligence for your business. We work with you to determine the best network and sensor stack for your needs and integrate it into our device and protocol agnostic software for you to access analytics and receive alerts in real-time.

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Asset Management

Project & Portfolio Management Tools

A layered approach that starts with a map view, Precision Reality offers asset management software that connects projects and portfolios to specific locations to make decisions faster.  Aggregate, store and present the information needed to move a project along in its life-cycle then archive data for easy access in organized portfolios.

Complete database management system for a global portfolio

Aggregate all enterprise files and workflows in a single portal - Human Resources, Operations, Finance, Security, IT, Legal etc.

Unique layering process enables all internal and external business intelligence to be visualized and manipulated in real time

Instant messenger feature enables users to effortlessly communicate with all authorized stakeholders in the system.

View & manage all project elements including Project Status, Milestones/Deadlines, Areas of Delay, Reports, Stakeholders, and More

Asset Visualization

Laser scan your assets to create a digital twin

The foundation for asset visualization begins reality capture.  Precision Reality captures your environment with a laser scanner to create a digital twin with realistic detail and true dimensions. Laser scanning delivers data and documentation for critical planning, design, and development operations.

Save Time and Travel Expense

Improve Training Methods

Increase Safety by Viewing in Non-Hazardous Areas

Interactive to Immersive | Point Clouds, Floorplans, Models, VR

Asset Monitoring & Analytics

Integrate asset monitoring into the asset management dashboard including connectivity, sensor integration, alerts and reports. Operate and manage all aspects of IoT deployments and data streams.

Network | LoRa, RTLS, Wirepas, BLE, LTE CBRS

Hardware | Gateways, Sensors, Asset and Condition Tracking

Software | Management Dashboard, Rules Engine, Data Storage

Alerts | Real-Time, Email, SMS, Geo-Located

Analytics | Reports, Trends, Historical Data

Case Studies

Precision Reality can have both an immediate and lasting impact on your entire enterprise when fully deployed. Take a look at a few Electric Utility case studies.

Fault Detection | Blown Fuse Cutouts

A rural electric cooperative uses Precision Reality hardware and software to manage their network of fuse cutouts and receive geo-located alerts when one is blown reducing their CAIDI and SAIDI.

Design | Electric Substation

Electric substation designers were able to use models and immersive 360 panoramic images to easily reference the as-built design of a substation from a remote location saving travel time and increasing safety.

Training | VR Electric Substation

A rural electric cooperative uses Precision Reality to create virtual reality training using laser scanning and existing training materials. See how they saved travel time and utilized VR as a non-hazardous training space.