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Design Mill, Inc. and Ideas Into Apps, LLC Announce Foresight™

Design Mill, Inc. and Ideas Into Apps, LLC announce Foresight™, a joint venture to offer Facility Optimization and Real Estate Insights to the corporate real estate industry

Tech firms partner to integrate innovative technology with a real estate management platform

DUBUQUE, Iowa and CHICAGO, Illinois, February 3, 2017 –  Design Mill, Inc. (“Design Mill”) and Ideas Into Apps, LLC (“ii2a”) today announce Foresight™ (Facility Optimization and Real Estate Insights), a joint venture to transform the corporate real estate industry. Integrating emerging technology will enable the industry to realize efficiencies in analysis and management of real estate portfolios.

In this venture, Design Mill and ii2a plan to leverage resources with the intent to provide customers with a single source to meet growing demand.  By combining ii2a’s real estate platform ePortfolio™ with Design Mill’s technology platforms, the two firms plan to capitalize on market demand for a more robust software solution to collect, manage, visualize, and share large amounts of real estate data quickly and easily.

Currently, ePortfolio™ is designed as a secure but flexible corporate real estate decision tool providing customized management and automation of the S.I.T.R.E.P.™ (“Steps in the Real Estate Process”). Data visualization is at ePortfolio’s core, giving users the ability to select specific multilayer criteria such as locations and market alternatives and also to drill down to lease files, floor plans, images, videos, drive times, demographics, and internal/external business intelligence.

Ii2a’s CEO CJ Kuehl says, “Utilizing the backbone of ePortfolio™, Foresight™ will enable clients to aggregate and access critical information in real time compared to what would have taken weeks using traditional methods.  I see Foresight™ as the unequivocal next step in disrupting the corporate real estate industry with revolutionary and automated technology.  In essence, we are flipping the S.I.T.R.E.P.™ on its head to dramatically speed up the decision process.”

Recognizing synergies in data visualization initiatives, Design Mill complements ii2a offerings with technology to improve data collection, analysis, and visualization experiences.

“We know ii2a has laid the groundwork.  Design Mill’s parallel innovations will harness the power of virtual reality, internet of things (IoT), and laser scanning which will accelerate ePortfolio’s improvement processes,” says Design Mill President and CEO Nathan Greiner.

ePortfolio™ client Ken Hagaman of Anixter says, “In many years of being in the corporate real estate business, I have yet to see a platform that can match ePortfolio™.  It maximizes the visibility of decision-making data and has saved me valuable time in the process.  I am looking forward to watching Design Mill and ii2a gamify the S.I.T.R.E.P.™  This is the future of real estate.”

Foresight™ will be marketed to corporate real estate professionals with core product, ePortfolio™, as well as life cycle modules for IoT facility management, laser scanning, and virtual reality simulations.  Based on current engagement requests, platform growth is expected to increase rapidly with each phase of integration.  For more information on Foresight™ connect with ii2a at Design Mill at


Design Mill, Inc. is a strategic systems integrator delivering pioneering solutions for industry leading organizations and the Department of Defense. A two-time recipient of Intel® Software Innovator Program Top Innovator award in 2015 & 2016, Design Mill works continually to transform the integration of cutting edge interactive hardware and software through innovative design, development, and processes.  Focusing on next-generation initiatives for virtual reality, augmented reality, and IoT, Design Mill enables clients to unlock revolutionary customer engagement approaches and untapped growth strategies to generate synergies for a new level of success.

Ideas Into Apps, LLC is a product development firm that uses cutting-edge technology to build applications that solve business challenges.  From a cloud-based corporate real estate solution that allows users to aggregate and access critical information in real time (anywhere on the planet) to a customizable networking tool that enables the seamless transfer of knowledge within organizations, its products help optimize processes, enhance efficiency and improve communication and operations among unlimited stakeholders.


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