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January 2016

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Dubuque, IA, January 4, 2015: Design Mill, Inc., a leading systems integrator and leading innovator using Intel RealSense Technology will demonstrate new mixed reality gaming platform, Torch, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 6-9, 2016 in Las Vegas. Torch is comprised of gaming software and compatible hardware developed utilizing Intel RealSense Technology to capture and display dynamic terrain generation and interactive mixed reality games. Tanked!, the first game to be released on the Torch platform, is an arcade-style one-on-one tank battle game that was first unveiled at the Intel Developer Forum in Summer 2015. Tanked! was developed on the foundation of Unity 3D and combines a custom-built sand table, Intel RealSense R200 camera for depth sensing, and a projector to create a game in which players can manipulate the landscape of the game map with their hands. Play begins by building a virtual environment using real world sand as a haptic input device. Once the terrain is modified, a virtual tank is dropped into the environment. The players maneuver their tanks across the dynamically generated terrain using valleys and mountains to their advantage, thus changing their own cannon’s trajectory as well as dodging opponents’ artillery. Repeat play is uniquely based on the topography of the sand that players create each time. An Intel RealSense R200 camera senses the depths of valleys and height of hills in the landscape, which impacts gameplay. The Intel Developer Zone and support from Intel’s Perceptual Computing team, in conjunction with the strong community and support for the Unity 3D gaming engine, provided the tools and resources necessary to develop Torch. Modern game development is a realization of advanced programming and coding coming together to create progressive visualization experiences. A new wave of gaming involves developing additional sensory integration of haptic elements into high-tech virtual environments in a way that