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Precision Reality IoT Hardware

Precision Reality has always been focused on being an open and agnostic platform. We integrate with any hardware or data stream that brings valuable and actionable insights to our customers. Along the way, we've seen what the market offers and where the gaps are for end users. We taken this research and experience and developed our own line of products that build the backbone for full IoT networks. Our products are cost-effective, certified, and powerful.

Mesh Anchor

Precision Reality provides an end-to-end solution to build a future-proof communication backbone to serve your enterprise for years to come. Using a mesh anchor with reliable and precise positioning technology, Precision Reality offers real-time asset intelligence on your high value assets including inventory, equipment, vehicles, and more.

Scalable Mesh Network Connected to Existing Light Fixtures (Current 120-277V)

Durable & Lightweight Precision Anchor Devices

Proven Localization Technology for GPS-Denied Applications

Powered Devices - No Battery Changes & Powerful Signal

Remote Programming & Over-the-Air Updates

DMI Precision Reality Mesh Anchor
DMI Precision Reality Mesh Anchor with Lighting Control

Mesh Anchor with Lighting Control

A mesh anchor to create an self-healing IoT network doubled with lighting control capability.  The mesh anchor with lighting control, installed in all lighting fixtures can control the lights manually or by schedule, individually or by custom grouping creating a flexible energy savings toolset for your enterprise.

Control Luminosity Levels, Motion Control Triggers, and Daylight Harvesting

Set Primary and Secondary Lighting Modes for Different Operations Schedules

Emergency ``All-On`` Override Feature

Custom Grouping Feature to Apply Settings to Subsets of Fixtures

Asset Tag

Tracking for Any Asset Type: Inventory, Vehicles, Equipment/Tools, Pallets, Etc.

Balance Asset Usage

Negotiate Activity Based Maintenance Contracts

Optimize Layouts for Efficient Traffic Patterns, Productivity and Cleaning Schedules

Show Real-Time Presence & Dwell Time

Generate Monthly Reporting on Asset Movement (or lack thereof)

Reduce Shrinkage and Integrate with Inventory Management Software

Minimize Time to Locate Tagged Items

Create Geofences to Get Location Based Alerts

DMI Precision Reality Asset Tag

One Platform, All Your Data

Precision Reality is an open and agnostic digital twin platform connecting data and visualization to deliver asset intelligence solutions in real-time. Using an elastic and device-agnostic system architecture creates a flexible and scalable ecosystem that can accommodate projects of any size and with any sensor stack.

Geo-Locate Assets on Intelligence Layers

Toggle Layers for Locations, Customers, Employees, and Market Alternatives

Store Portfolio Documentation

Eliminate the Need for Paper Surveys. Simply Upload a Spreadsheet to the Dashboard.

Collaborate & Communicate

Communicate Real Time with All Stakeholders in the System to Crowd Source & Assign Tasks & Responsibilities

Track & Analyze

Run Detailed Analyses on Layered Data Including Density Charts, Distance & Time Analysis

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Headquartered in the U.S Midwest, DMI serves clients across the United States and globally. Get in touch today to schedule a software demo, talk IoT, or plan an emerging technology strategy for your enterprise.

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