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Meet the leaders of Precision Reality. Our core team is a dedicated group of experienced professionals delivering consistent & innovative results.

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

An engineer with a creative streak, Nathan Greiner serves as Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at DMI, as asset intelligence company. Since founding DMI, Nathan has led an agile and focused team for over a decade establishing a disciplined yet innovative approach to solving real world business problems. Winner of three “Intel Software Innovator of the Year” awards, he has continued to integrate analytical and problem-solving expertise with the latest emerging technologies to deliver targeted solutions across industries from the Department of Defense to global Fortune 500 companies.

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

CJ is a successful entrepreneur with over two decades of experience founding and managing corporate real estate and technology firms. Recognizing widespread interest in his industry-innovating software and methods, CJ joined forces with an emerging technologies integration company in 2017. The resulting collaboration led to the founding of DMI, an asset intelligence solutions company. As a leader in forward-thinking strategies and business development for DMI’s flagship offering, Precision Reality™, CJ continues to accelerate client success with an enduring dedication to technology that delivers a real return on innovation.

Lead Software Developer

With an unmatched ability to lead and deliver results, Jane manages the development processes and teams critical to DMI’s success. A background in finance and software allows Jane to draw from skills spanning all relevant developer languages and methods with a keen sense of exactitude and attention to detail. Navigating the new and next in tech, Jane keeps DMI at the forefront of emerging technologies integrating advanced visualizations and IoT technology with DMI’s core software application.

Embedded Software Developer

Brian is a professional maker and builder responsible for solutioning DMI’s IoT hardware and hardware integrations. Brian excels with the complex challenges of provisioning scalable IoT networks utilizing innovative and diverse devices and communication protocols to craft actionable lines of code. He has the ability to construct order in complicated systems and bring data to life within the Precision Reality™ platform.

Interactive Software Developer

Alex brings life to DMI’s asset visualization solutions. Always on the cutting edge and building from experience with audio/video production, Alex creates next level interactive experiences in virtual and augmented reality. Alex transforms static imagery into interactive environments that accelerate customers situational awareness, training retention, and overall understanding of their business.

Client Services Manager

Shonnan develops new client relationships as well as cultivates loyalty in the current client roster. She manages software quality assurance setting a high standard for client accessibility that translates into a superior experience for client training, data ingestion and standardization, and support which results in successful overall adoption of the Precision Reality™ platform. Twenty years of experience in the real estate industry allows her to foresee the unexpected and provide balance and precision on the front lines of DMI's ever-changing needs.

Creative Content Manager

Jasmine contributes strategy, creativity and structure at DMI moving projects forward with an eye towards innovation and sustainability. Heading up R&D initiatives, she sources the latest IoT and visualization technologies and validates their use cases before platform integration. She also manages DMI’s content development and UX design, crafting compelling messaging and an intuitive architecture for DMI clients to navigate through data capture and visualization deliverables. Her drive for streamlined execution and inquisitive mentality provides DMI with a backbone of practiced evolution.